The Freedom the DirecTV Genie Satellite Box Gives to Family TV Viewing and DVR Recording

The newest DirecTV Genie satellite receiver box has a lot of features our old cable box could not compete with. We called the cable company and asked them if they had an upgrade that would compete. They still only had DVRs that could only record two things at once. The DirecTV box can record up to five things at the same time. If you have cable DVR, you know how frustrating it is to have two things recording and you can’t watch another show without canceling a recording. That happened all the time with our cable box.

I also like it that they had more full time HD channels than our cable company. Another nice thing is that with DirecTV, you have one main box and the other ones are really tiny. The cable system in your house is tied in with the main box. This means you can watch whatever is recorded on the main box. You can pause it on one TV and pick up where you left off on another TV. Five things can be going on at one time. You can either have five TVs all watching something separate, recording five things or a mix of the two.

Think of it as five options per main satellite box. If you have three TVs in your house all watching separate channels at the same time, that takes up three of the five spots. You can still be recording two things while each of the three TVs are watching different shows because that equals five. Oh, and you can record to the main box from any TV connected to it. If you have two TVs on one main receiver, that leaves three spots open for recording while the two TVs are watching different shows because that equals five. If you do happen to have a really big house with a lot of televisions and family who want to watch and record, just add another main receiver to one of the TVs. Each TV connected to a main receiver can watch whatever is recorded on its DVR.