Minding the Trees when Camping or Even at Home

I have always liked to go camping. My wife and I like to go camping in a tent. Cabins, motorhomes and travel trailers are nice, but tent camping is cheaper and easier. Plus, there are many comforts of home you can bring with you camping to make it nice for everyone. I learned a lot about camping over the years, and one thing you do not want to do is to set up a tent under trees unless there is no choice, because tree branches and trees can fall. We use a Nassau County tree removal service to maintain the integrity of the trees we have for a property we own. When you are out camping in wild areas, it is only nature that is managing those trees.

Trees can be affected by disease, pests, weather and man. Did you know that you can kill a tree by cutting a narrow channel all the way around the trunk? This is called girdling a tree. You cut off the flow of nutrients from the roots to the canopy. The inner wood is no longer comprised of living cells. The layers just under the bark are the part of the tree that is alive. Beavers, insects and other things can damage trees inside and out. Molds, viruses and more can kill trees or severely weaken them. Windstorms, ice and snow can weaken them too. You do not want to be out camping in a tent or even a motorhome and have a huge branch or giant tree fall on you. even a branch can weigh over a ton and can crush a home. Imagine what it can do to a tent.

You can’t really ascertain the integrity of trees in the wild. They can be rotten inside and look healthy on the outside. We use the Nassau County tree removal service to remove trees that they core test to check for damage. When we are out camping, we pick areas that have small trees and even keep from getting too close to them with our tent.