Don’t Worry About the House

I am a teacher and I go away every year for April vacation. We usually stay someplace close and just go to the pool and the beach, but this year I went online and booked a place across the pond. I was so excited to tell the kids we were going to Europe this April. My husband and I went online to look up CCTV cameras so that when we got on the plane, we knew we would be able to go and get on our phone to see what was going on while we were not there. I think it is so important that we go and make sure that our family feels safe as long as we are all together, out of the country. You can tell your neighbors that you want them to keep an eye on your house, but they have their own lives and jobs and families to take care of and you cannot count on them to check out your house as much as you would like to.

I would like to hire someone to stay at the house but my husband said that would be even more of a reason to get cameras inside. I told him that I would like my brother to do the job for us but he said that he would not trust my brother with washing his socks. I really did not think that was such a bad idea. I knew that it was going to be important to go and see what was going on and he was right, I knew that getting the cameras for the outside part of the house was best, and we agreed to get a new type of kitty camera that people could use to watch their cats while they were out and alone.