Could a Storage Locker Keep Peace in a Family?

My mother visits about once per year. She lives on the mainland. Her and father come to the island during their holiday time from work. My grandmother will usually visit around the same time too. They all live far enough away that we get advance notice when they are going to be visiting. It is this annual visiting that got me to follow a link that said click here for personal storage options in Singapore. Let me explain what I mean. You probably will see a bit of this in your own life as well.

My mother and grandmother have a unique taste that is all their own. However, it is not my taste. They have interesting leanings toward certain styles, colors and designs that I do not have. Now when I buy them a gift, I pick something from their style genre. When they buy me a gift, they buy something they would like to wear or display. I hurt my mother’s feelings once by telling her I did not like a certain gift she bought me. Ever since them I have graciously accepted any gift they get me, but I put the items in storage as soon as they leave.

When they announce that they will be visiting, I get out a mix of the items they have given me over the years putting them on display in our house. The clothes I put in the closet. I will even wear a couple of things on occasion while they are visiting. I think it is just the nature of our culture that will make us go out of our way at times to be respectful to relatives. I have a friend who is from the States, and she said she would not put up with any of that nonsense. Hey, if keeping the peace and good feelings in my family only require renting a storage locker, then I am all for that. I truly enjoy their visits and would never want to offend either of them.