Buying a New Monument for My Parents

I was walking through a cemetery taking pictures for a media class I’m taking at college, and I was just fascinated with the different tombstones that were at the various gravesides. The ones from decades ago and even from the 1800s were interesting and told their own stories. They intrigued me, and the newer ones fascinated me. My parents have a small marker where they are buried, but walking through and seeing all of those made me want to go and look at monuments in Morristown NJ. I just felt that I could do a better job of honoring their final resting place here on this earth instead of just having a small marker with their names on it.

I knew that I wanted to get a headstone for both of them rather than individual ones, since their plots are right next to each other. My parents were all about love and relationships when they were alive, and I wanted to honor that with their tombstone. I knew that one of their favorite scriptures was 1 John 4:11. It states, “Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”

They lived every day of their lives living by that scripture, and it is the one that I wanted on their headstone. I also wanted the cross on it, because they would want everyone to have the same hope and faith in the cross that they have. I was able to order the monument with their names on it, and the scripture was put above that in a scripted font. The cross is off to the side, and it is the first thing that can be noticed from a distance. It is just the perfect touch for them, and I know they would definitely approve of the monument I designed for them.