Beginners Should Stick with Easy Recipes

Can’t Believe It’s A Grocery Store | America By MeOne of the main problems that someone just starting out with learning how to cook runs into is trying too much too fast. Even though they could barely boil water a week ago, they are somehow surprised that this week they have difficulty when they tried out a four course meal and it didn’t taste the way it does when they go out to a restaurant or to their mom’s house. Trying too much too fast will almost always get a bad result when it comes to cooking because there is a feel to it, a learning curve. Start out with easy things and then slowly add to your repertoire.

A good example of this is with breakfast. This is a great place for many to start but make sure you don’t attempt an omelet before you learn how to make scrambled eggs. Making eggs is somewhat simple but requires a little bit of a learning curve to learn not to overbeat your eggs, to make certain they are cooked long enough so they aren’t runny but not too long where they taste like rubber or even burn. Eggs can be a great barometer of how you are progressing in the kitchen as well since it requires a little bit of everything with mixing ingredients, seasoning, and cooking on the stove.

If you wanted to start on omelets because you view scrambled eggs as boring then think about adding more gradually to your scrambled eggs to make them a bit fancier while you get the hang of things. Instead of plain eggs, consider adding some different seasons not just salt and pepper such as parsley and dill. Once you have mastered scrambled eggs, you will be able to handle omelets much better since a lot of what you have learned in making scrambled eggs is similar to omelets.

There are many different dishes you can try when you are just starting out but always think of a simple version of the more elaborate meals you may like when you go out to dinner or over to someone else’s house. Even though the meal you are eating when you are out might seem simple, there is likely a lot more work and technique that went into it than you think and taking that on as a new cook doesn’t always work out well. Stay simple while you master the basics and slowly attempt a bit more difficult recipes as you gain confidence in the kitchen.